Critical Thought on the Black Hole Image

The hype for the latest “great scientific achievement” follows other recent “great scientific achievements” such as the detection of “gravity waves” and the confirmation of the Higgs Boson known as the “god particle”. These announcements are usually publicized weeks in advance in order to create maximum hype and peek interest in what quickly becomes irrelevant to society as a whole.

Supermassive Black Holes More Fiction Than Scientific Fact

The BBC Horizon program, Supermassive Black Holes, is an example of how science documentaries have turned science into science fiction, by combining a little science fact with fictional writing to produce speculative science fiction. Unfortunately, much of modern mainstream science is infected with this type of speculative fiction. We can lay the blame for this on the modern scientific method, whi…

My Journey to Matter as Waves

It was sometime in the late 2000s, while studying string theory, that I began to ask myself if modern physics was on the right track. I had a desire to understand the mysteries of the universe, but digging deeper into particle physics led to more questions not less.

Inspired by the Stars and Son

It was my son Gene, who triggered my first eureka moment. It occurred during our dinner conversation at the end of December of 1992.  Neither his high school teachers nor my university professors had ever mentioned during their lectures about the the vortex theory.  While looking at a crumb of bread, Gene made a casual observation: There is probably another world inside that piece.”