You can help us with our movement of helping others become science woke from anywhere in the world!

Talent for Writing?

If you love science and love to write, then consider becoming one of our featured editors. We are always looking for those good writers who can find interesting takes on critical thinkers out in the world. Contact us as

Join our Online Headquarters

So you want to help out with our organization but don’t know what to do or how! Then we have the solution for you: join our online headquarters at

If you have 30-60 minutes per month to help our organization function and grow, then we have the way you can do that anytime, from anywhere in the world.

Get Started

To join, follow these easy steps:

  • Register on the website
  • Pick an area or areas of interest where you think you could help (see below)
  • Send an email to us at and let us know what your area of interest
  • We will add you to the team!

Areas of Interest

Here is a quick list of CNPS Teams and projects.


  • Science Woke Website (help out with this new and exciting scientific online magazine for critical thinkers)
  • Wikipedia for natural philosophy (this is fun and easy: just find pages to fix and add more information that is missing – this is addictive once you start!)
  • Websites and database (if you are interested in helping out with the websites – no programming necessary)
  • Adopt a scientist (help a scientist with getting their information in the wiki, website, etc)
  • Member outreach (contact members via email and phone and engage with them letting them know about what we are doing and encourage them to participate)
  • Saturday Morning Videos (help find new speakers, help create and post events on Facebook)
  • Chappell University (help with suggestions for the website and tasks related to our online university)


  • website (our website for new visitors)
  • Featured scientists (help with tasks to feature a scientist – this can even be yourself!)
  • CNPS annual Conferences
  • CNPS annual Proceedings

Here is what our HQ looks like: