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Project Homepage: https://energywavetheory.com/project/


To simulate the creation of particles, atoms and matter with classical physics, illustrating that the universe operates under a single set of classical laws.

Phases & Requirements

This project intends to model the universe as a physical medium, oscillating to form waves, using only classical mechanics equations. Matter is expected to form from standing waves, and the forces upon such matter as a result of wave interference of longitudinal and transverse waves. This web site explains the mathematical model for the simulation. As potential starting points, a summary video highlights the simplicity of the model, or for more detail, three papers explain the model in classical terms.

Video Summary

(Details on Jeff Yee’s website: https://energywavetheory.com/project/

About the Author

Jeff Yee
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Mind Blown: Greatly simplifies the Standard Model and its number of free variables
Profession: VP, Innovation & Partnerships at ZTE
Interest: Continue developing the Energy Wave Theory