CNPS 2019 Conference at the University of Washington a Resounding Success

The 25 annual NPA and 5th annual CNPS conference at the University of Washington was a resounding success with conference goers all having a fulfilling time. Some new and old faces appeared and it was great to see that the CNPS is alive and well.

With a number of unusually sunny days, the conference was held in Alder Hall on the beautiful campus of the University of Washington with majestic buildings, amazingly large trees, and beautiful vistas of the mountain including a picture-perfect view of Mount Rainer.


The conference took place in the Alder Commons open to the public which allowed for ample space for everyone to sit, have their laptops, and watch the presentations.

As was with last year, there were 4 microphones spread around the room for the audience to engage with the speaker and be heard live on Facebook and in our multi-cam video recordings on YouTube.

The banquet was also held in the room making it very convenient for all conference goers.

Dr. Gerald Pollack during his Keynote Address on the 4th phase of water

Presentations and Discussions

There were presentations made on all four days with plenty of time for questions. Presenters were given 60 minutes to present have have time for discussions.

The first day was opened by CNPS President David de Hilster talking about the foundations and marketing of the group (video) in today’s world of the internet and social media. His first presentation was on 400 Years of Model Revolution (video) which gives us a clear reason for why so many different models are being proposed today. It is from his article of the same title this website, ScienceWoke. Later on Friday David talked about Science Evangelists, YouTube, and the Woke Movement. (video)

Musa Abdullahi, all the way from Nigeria, gave two talks including one on the Aberration of Electric Fields and Accelerated Motion of an Electron (video) and the other on An Electric Field Model of the Aether. Both talks build upon his work from previous years.

Robert de Hilster then presented two talks on practical applications and real experiments from applying his and his son’s Particle Model to electronic circuits. One talk was on Parallel Resistors (video) and the other on Calculations for real experiments using the Particle Model (video) on real world electronic components. (video)

Duncan Shaw was up next and talked about his Aether-Based gravity (see the video here):

Next up was Raymond Gallucci who is the most prolific author of the group who presented the most number of talks – four in total. His specialty is to examine data and theories to see if they are in fact viable. One talk was on another theory in the group: Plausibility of Shaw’s “Aether Concept of Gravity”. (video) Another talk was about gravity entitle Gravity – When Push Comes to Shove? (video) A third paper was examining the Plausibility of Earth Once Having a Thick Atmosphere. (video) Finally, he took a stab at Intrinsic Redshift in Quasi-Stellar Objects (QSOs). (video)

Cameron Wong gave two talks this conference including Reason for a Cyclone to Spin – Coriolis Force only Terminates It (video) and another talk on That the Universe Is Infinite Is Ironclad. (video)

Two talks were given on Saturday by Franklin which were much more interactive. The first was on the electrostatic field and the other on the magnetic field.

Revelation of the Conference

The revelation of the conference came in a topic that is not physics or cosmology and was given by the young mind of Sandro Guerra talking about his mirror model in biology. The talk was extremely interesting and opened the eyes of many of the conference goers to critical thinking in the area of biology and development. This could open new areas of papers and talks in the CNPS. His presentation is below:

Keynote Speaker

The keynote speaker and recipient of the CNPS Lifetime Achievement Award was Dr. Gerald Pollack. The talk of 90 minutes was well received and the question / answer session all captured on video.

The CNPS 2019 Keynote talk and discussion by Dr. Gerald Pollack.

Right after the keynote was a discussion between Dr. Pollack and David de Hilster about Scientific Activism which can be seen below.

Social Evening a Double Success

On Thursday, about 10 people from the conference met at the home of CNPS Chief Scientist Dr. Cynthia Whitney who started off with a question that lead to some amazing stories by all who were there. The question: “how did you get into this? (meaning dissident work)”. James Carter and his wife, Toshi originally from Japan, Bill Beatie a local tinkerer and experimentalist, Ray Gallucci, Duncan Shaw, and David de Hilster swapped stories that were so interesting, David promised to get them to be written and documented here on the Science Woke website. At the end, CNPS president David de Hilster presented Cynthia with her lifetime achievement award which you can see here:

Awards Banquet

The awards banquet of some great Indian food was served to over 20 people who then watched an awards presentation from CNPS president David de Hilster.

The Lifetime Achievement Award went to the Keynote Speaker, Dr. Gerald Pollack. Three other special member awards were also given for prolific, longevity, and leadership. Those awards when to Ray Gallucci (prolific author), Bob de Hilster (longevity in membership), and Franklin Hu (leadership for his leading of the Saturday morning video conferences). Photos and videos follow here.

Video Conferences

There were two video conferences on Saturday – one from James Marsen with his A Michelson-Morley Type Experiment Should be Performed in Low Earth Orbit and Interplanetary Space (video coming) and Roger Anderton whose presentation is here:


This year’s conference was a great success in that it brought some long-time members back like James Carter and Bill Beatie, and new faces like Sandro Guerra. And president David de Hilster got a consensus that the CNPS should come up with a list of what is expected to be explained by all new theories.

Next year: east coast to be announced soon.

Thanks to EVERYEONE who made this conference a success including our donors. Without all of you, this would not be possible.

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