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Where Critical Thinkers Meet

The John Chappell Natural Philosophy Society (CNPS) provides an open forum for the study, debate, and presentation of serious scientific ideas, theories, philosophies, and experiments that are not commonly accepted in mainstream science. The CNPS uses the term “Natural Philosophy” in its broader sense which includes physics, cosmology, mathematics, and the philosophy of science. Our goal is to return to the basics where things went wrong and start anew.

The CNPS has the following goals:

  • To be an organization that above all, promotes critical thinking without malice
  • To be an organization that supports, publishes, and promotes serious scientific work outside mainstream science
  • To provide a forum for open debate about modern topics in physics, cosmology, philosophy, and mathematics
  • To provide a forum for presenting serious papers and theories without fear of censorship
  • To be run and controlled in its entirety by its paid membership including the election of its directors by its members.

What we are not:

  • Skeptics group who defends mainstream theory
  • Conspiracy group
  • Pseudo-scientific group

Why Do We Exist and Why Join Us?

We humans are naturally curious about the world around us. The love of science is almost a universal human trait. Just look up at the stars on a clear night. For those following mainstream science, concepts like the big bang, space-time, and the almost mythological teachings of quantum mechanics, are turning less and less believable. For those who love real, fact-based science and are looking for a group of critical thinkers willing to face the failings of modern physics and cosmology and come up with new ideas, theories, and directions: this is the group for you!

You will find people from all walks of life including professors, engineers, scientists, and laymen who share the interest in looking for truth in science.

Dr. John Chappell in 1992, considered to be the modern father of dissident science

Dr. John Chappell

The organization is dedicated to Dr. John Chappell, the modern father of the dissident movement. The John Chappell Natural Philosophy Society was formed in 2014 active members from the Natural Philosophy Alliance (NPA) who were dissatisfied with the leadership of the NPA directorate at the time of the split.

John founded the NPA in the early 1990s and died in 2002. Upon his death, one of the current CNPS members wrote this lovely dedication:

Goodbye, John.

The news of your death was more painful for me than I would have suspected. I didn’t realize how fond of you I had become. However cantankerous you may have seemed, you were always supportive toward me. You tolerated my particular brand of heretical physics with fair good grace. Through you I met numerous strong, interesting minds. You had a significant impact on my life and it hurts my heart that I will never again see you and talk with you.

I hope your voyage takes you now into the fellowship of those who see reality with transcendent, blissful insight — who will smile, and nod, and say, “Yes, of course John — you were right, you were always right. Come, let us show you more. Come — we will walk in the garden together — there is so much more to learn. Come along, John — take my hand — all your new teachers are waiting.

Goodbye, John. I will miss you terribly.

Jerry Shifman

The CNPS Logo

The logo for the John Chappell Natural Philosophy Society is the Greek letter for “Phi” or “f” in its modern font form which is the origin of the start of the word “Philosophy” in English.  It is also the first letter in the two words in Greek that means “Natural Philosophy”.

The logo is the modern writing form of the Greek letter “Phi”

The Domain Name

The CPNS and its active members are practitioners of natural philosophy.  Our domain name is “beyondmainstream.org”