Taking a different path

The mission of the Beyond Mainstream website is to be “the” online journalistic magazine for critical thinkers working outside of mainstream science. Unlike other magazines, this magazine supports all the views of its authors in their pursuit to find better scientific models, theories, and explanations for natural phenomena. It is not our job to explain truth, but rather to present and create critical thinkers.

About the Publishers

We are a group of scientific critical thinkers from around the world who have been supporting critical thinkers in physics and cosmology as well as helping others become scientifically wide-eyed for over 20 years.

This website is maintained and sponsored by the John Chappell Natural Philosophy Society (CNPS) in hopes to make it fun and easy to become critical thinkers in science through interesting articles, videos, and stories of some of the amazing scientists and their theories that are pushing science forward.

This website also exists in order to point out problems in mainstream science that mainstream media does not discuss, and present new solutions to those problems as well as new models for the universe.