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Dr. Raymond Gallucci
Mind Blown Likes to put new theories to test and write dissident science poems
Profession Nuclear Engineer / Probabilistic Safety Assessment
Interest Testing other people's theories
Education PHD
Nationality USA
Born Albany, New York
Resides Frederick, Maryland
Favorite Scientist(s) Stephen Crothers, Paul Marmet
Aha Moment Reading Steve Crothers' refutation of the basis for the existence of black holes and Paul Marmet's website
Current Work Reopen investigation of cosmological and other physics phenomena, rather than continue to patch the already over-leaking bicycle tire known as Einstein Relativity and The Standard Model
One of Ray’s poems from the CNPS 2017 conference in Vancouver Canada.

Most everyone who challenges mainstream theory work on their own theories and ideas. Raymond is different. He likes to test other dissident scientist’s theories to see if they are plausible. That is why his fellow dissidents either love him or  fear him! He came into world world of dissidents through the late Dr. Paul Marmet’s website ( and that of Stephen Crothers.

Ray is very prolific at writing scientific papers authoring no less than 26 papers in four years.

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by Ray Gallucci
When looking at the distribution of galaxies, their distribution does not match a universe in expansion >>>think critically...

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