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George Stamiforth Coyne
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Mind Blown Specialist on the brain and consciousness and arguments against the big bang
Profession Author of "Notfinity Process: Matter-In-Motion 2nd edition: (2021) and "Notfinity Process: Microcosms-in-Motion (2017)
Interest brain, consciousness, big bang
Education University of Waterloo,Ontario Canada,, Social Development Studies
Nationality Canadian
Born Toronto Canada
Resides North Delta, British Columbia, Canada
Goal To bring on a fundamental change in human consciousness away from ego-centrism, and to expose invalidating problems with orthodox physics and cosmology theories.
Favorite Scientist(s) Sir Isaac Newton, Noam Chomsky, David Bohm, David Peat and Glenn Borchardt
Aha Moment Promoting the 2nd edition of "Nofinity Process: Mater-In-Motion (2021)

So you want to know what consciousness is? Or maybe you just want to know 50 reasons why the Big Bang is an impossible idea. Then look no further. George has a few very good ideas!

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by George Coyne
Big Bang proponents have no good observational evidence for their theory that alternative, more credible theories can also account for in better ways. The most frequently used argument in support of BBT is the 2.70K of the CMB. This is supposedly due to a hypothesized photon-decoupling period about 380,000 years after the Big Bang. The theory proposes that when the Universe was 4,000°K, photons d... >>>think critically...