$15,000 for Computer Models Work

This project intends to model the universe as a physical medium, oscillating to form waves, using only classical mechanics equations. Matter is expected to form from standing waves, and the forces upon such matter as a result of wave interference of longitudinal and transverse waves. This web site explains the mathematical model for the simulation. As potential starting points, a summary video highlights the simplicity of the model, or for more detail, three papers explain the model in classical terms.

My Journey to Matter as Waves

It was sometime in the late 2000s, while studying string theory, that I began to ask myself if modern physics was on the right track. I had a desire to understand the mysteries of the universe, but digging deeper into particle physics led to more questions not less.

Replacing Coulombs with Meters

Although we owe respect to the pioneers of physics, including Coulomb, Newton, Ampere, Tesla and more, one of the issues that causes a separation of the electrical domain and mechanical domain of physics is that these physicists were honored by using their names for the units of matter and electromagnetic properties. By having a system with numerous units, the average student is not inclined to dive into the details of the true meaning of each property.