An Image Won’t Save Black Holes

It is not a discovery at all.

This is how astronomers and cosmologists do science: fraud by means of mass-media induced mass-hysteria. It beggars belief. Think about it: according to the astronomers and cosmologists the finite mass of their black hole is concentrated in a ‘physical singularity’ of zero volume, infinite density, and infinite gravity. But no finite mass has zero volume, infinite density, and infinite gravity, anywhere! Similarly, the astronomers and cosmologists assign to their black hole two different escape speeds (v_esc = 0 metres per second and v_esc = c = 300,000,000 metres per second, and in the same equation) and no capacity for an escape speed (since nothing can even leave), simultaneously, at the same place (at the ‘event horizon’). But nothing can have two different escape speeds and no capacity for an escape speed, simultaneously, at the same place! (See [1]).

Furthermore, the astronomers and cosmologists assert that the escape speed at the event horizon is the speed of light, yet light cannot either leave or escape; indeed, nothing, they say, can even leave the event horizon. But since light travels at the speed of light, which is the escape speed at the event horizon, light must both leave it and escape! And, moreover, anything else can leave.On the mathematical level, the black hole is conjured by violations of geometry. Geometrically speaking, the theory of black holes moves a sphere originally centred at the origin of a coordinate system to some other place in that same coordinate system but leaves its centre behind. By this means the two ‘singularities’ of the black hole are produced, the centre of the moved sphere, now thought to be an event horizon, and the left behind centre at the origin of coordinates, thought to be the ‘physical singularity’. (See [2]).

Analytically speaking, the violation of geometry manifests in black hole theory as the requirement that the absolute value of a real number must take on negative values – which is also impossible. (See [3]).The laws of thermodynamics require that temperature must always be an intensive thermodynamic property. To argue otherwise is a violation of both the 0th and 2nd laws of thermodynamics. The Hawking temperature of a black hole is however non-intensive, in violation of the laws of thermodynamics. So black hole thermodynamics is entirely nonsense. (See [4])

So their black hole does not exist; proven with common sense and high-school science. Yet they have managed to image that which does not exist. Of course they did – they have to justify their lucrative jobs and their vast grants of unaccountable public money.

For a comprehensive coverage of the frauds see [5], [6], and [7].

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