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Stephen Crothers
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Mind Blown Taking Black Holes mathematics head on and has paid the price
Profession Independent researcher in theoretical astrophysics
Interest Black Holes, Big Bang, Relativity
Education Masters in science
Nationality Australian
Born Australia
Resides Sunshine Plaza, Queensland, Australia
Goal Fix a lot of things in astrophysics
Favorite Scientist(s) Isaac Newton, Ludwig Boltzmann, Michael Faraday
Aha Moment Black hole math requires that the absolute value of a real number take negative values
Current Work Investigating on gravity wave detection

Imagine applying to a PHD program in physics and wanting to take on the mathematics of Black Holes. Sounds very reasonable and noble. But then picture your critical mind being crushed and eventually banished from the university for trying to challenge Big Science and Big Universities.

That is the story of critical thinker Stephen Crothers from Australia. His harrowing story can be found in this article “Kicked Out of the University of Wales“.

Branching Out to Relativity

Once Crothers got a taste for the problems he found with Black Hole mathematics, he branched out to relativity. Later on in his career, he started looking at relativity and has given several talks around the world on the subject.

Here are some videos of Stephen’s presentation on refuting relativity:

Here is a video criticizing both black holes and general relativity.

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by Stephen Crothers
This is how astronomers and cosmologists do science: fraud by means of mass-media induced mass-hysteria. It beggars belief. Think about it: according to the astronomers and cosmologists the finite mass of their black hole is concentrated in a 'physical singularity' of zero volume, infinite density, and infinite gravity. But no finite mass has zero volume, infinite density, and infinite gravity, anywhere! >>>think critically...
by Stephen Crothers
Australian Stephen Crothers declared war on black holes a while back. Since then, he has been on the crusade to set things straight about these mysterious objects in the heavens. >>>think critically...
by Stephen Crothers
In about March 2003 I formally commenced part-time candidature for the PhD in the School of Physics at the University of New South Wales (UNSW), Sydney, Australia, under the supervision of Professor John K. Webb. The support supervisor was Professor Michael Ashley. I was initially engaged in the development of a computer simulation program in relation to Extra-Solar Planets.

>>>think critically...

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