Scientist Profile

Dr. Gerald Pollack
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Mind Blown Found a 4th phase of water other than liquid, solid, and gas
Profession Professor at Washington University
Interest Structure of water and its relationship to biology and physics
Education PhD in biomedical engineering from the University of Pennsylvania
Nationality American
Resides Seattle Washington, USA

If there is anything we know a lot about scientifically is water. There are three states: liquid, solid, and gas. We not only know about these states, but we know how important water is in our universe. At least we thought we did until Dr. Gerald Pollack discovered a fourth state of water.

This fourth state of water turns out is essential to life itself. You can see this fourth state if you look at a glass of water and see the water bending before it gets to the edge or if you have ever balanced a coin on its surface.

What Dr. Gerald Pollack calls “EZ” water is actually hexagonal sheets of H2O formed into a hexagonal grid.

It turns out that the important of this 4th state of water is essential to the functioning of cells.

Videos With Dr. Pollack

Here are some videos of Dr. Pollack explaining this research and its implication to biology, weather, and chemistry.