Problems in Mainstream Science

Quantum Mechanics
Severity high
Mind Blown Quantum Mechanics has gone off the deep end

Quantum mechanics is flawed. From quantum history eraser experiments, to spooky action at a distance, to the double slit experiment, quantum mechanics is talked about a lot, but is almost impossible to understand to most critical thinkers.

Luckily, there are scientists who are developing new models and theories that can explain the unexplainable and rid Big Physics of the problem of interpreting experiments using outrageous conclusions. Conclusions that a path of a photon during the last 10 billion years of its travels is determined by the collective thought of sentient beings.

The problem with quantum mechanics is the same as for most of physics: a failure to provide a physical model for light, gravity, and magnetic fields.

We will continue to suffer from the outrageous predictions of quantum mechanics until we give physicality to our universe – something critical thinkers and the science woke are doing.

by Eric Reiter
A recent experimental paper in Nature tries to show that large molecule-sized particles diffract like waves. Here is why I think not, and how this popularization falls short. I expect this to be difficult material for most of my friends, but I post here for the record. >>>think critically...
by Glenn Borchardt
Occasionally, we discover progressive physicists outside the mainstream who maintain their sense of humor nonetheless. Below is a tongue-in-cheek guest Blog by Rudolf Vrnoga who calls himself an “Incorrigible optimist that someday matter and common sense will be returned back in science.” >>>think critically...
by Alexander Unzicker
Problems cannot be solved by thinking the way we thought when we created them. – Albert Einstein >>>think critically...
by Jeff Yee
Although we owe respect to the pioneers of physics, including Coulomb, Newton, Ampere, Tesla and more, one of the issues that causes a separation of the electrical domain and mechanical domain of physics is that these physicists were honored by using their names for the units of matter and electromagnetic properties. By having a system with numerous units, the average student is not inclined to dive into the details of the true meaning of each property. >>>think critically...
by Eric Reiter
This new beam-split test performed with gamma-rays defies the cherished idea in modern physics that energy is always emitted and absorbed quantized. These experiments were newly performed in many ways, with both matter and light. To maintain energy conservation, experiments show absorption must be continuous and only emission is quantized. Continuous absorption implies a pre-loaded state in matter that was not well understood. With no prior evidence defying quantized absorption, physics was stuck in this quantum paradox since 1905. >>>think critically...
by David de Hilster
With all the triumphs that Big Physics trumpets from their cathedral of the Large Hadron Collider, it is noteworthy news when one of their high priests or in this case priestesses leaves abdicates their lofty position and then goes onto reveal why the left. And it isn't a positive story.

>>>think critically...