These are the critical thinkers that are taking on Big Physics and Big Cosmology and moving science forward. From PHDs in relativity from MIT to an ex-supreme court justice, they are from varied backgrounds but all are seeking truth – even if it means taking on Big Science.

Dr. Cynthia Whitney

Physicist, Editor of Galilean Electrodynamics
Female with PHD from MIT in Physics and Relativity who is now a critic of relativity

Dr. James Maxlow

Retired geologist
All the continents fit together on a smaller globe like a jigsaw puzzle

Dr. Pierre-Marie Robitaille

Professor of Radiology at The Ohio State University
Stars are not gaseous but are made of solid lattices of hydrogen metal

Dr. Halton Arp

The red shift is not related to velocity but is instrinsic to stars, galaxies, and quasars

Duncan Shaw

Retired lawyer and supreme court justice
An former Supreme Court Justice with his own physics theory

Wal Thronhill

Physicist, Scientist
Proponent and leader in the Electric Universe movement

Dr. Edward Dowdye

Laser Optics Physicist and Electronics Engineer (retired)
NASA Scientists uses observational analysis to show gravity does not bend light

Eric Reiter

Scientist and experimentalist
Performs experiments revealing flaws in quantum mechanics and resolution of wave-particle duality.

Ricardo Carezani

Physicist and Engineer
Showed Einstein Wrong back in 1940

Dr. Gerald Pollock

Professor at Washington University
Found a 4th phase of water other than liquid, solid, and gas

Steven Bryant

Senior Vice President at Wells Fargo
Disrupting Einstein and rewriting the rules of physics

Dr. Glenn Borchardt

Scientific Philosopher and Geoscientist
Replaces the Big Bang with an infinite universe

Dr. Alexander Unzicker

Physics teacher and science writer
German physicist and science writer taking on all of particle physics

Dr. Vladimir Ginzburg

Retired Engineer and Computer programmer
Inspired one night by a beautiful night sky in Pheonix Arizona

Nick Percival

Physicist and Entrepreneur
Taking on Einstein's Special Theory of Relativity head-on

Jeff Yee

VP, Innovation & Partnerships at ZTE
Greatly simplifies the Standard Model and its number of free variables

Lori Gardi

Computer scientist
Black holes and galaxies can be explained by fractals

Harry Hamlin Ricker III

Electrical Engineering, Science Writer
Criticial Thinker and Science Writer not afraid to take on mainstream science news

Ionel Dinu

Physics Teacher
His underwater experiments reveal the physicality of magnet fields

Dr. Raymond Gallucci

Nuclear Engineer / Probabilistic Safety Assessment
Likes to put new theories to test and write dissident science poems

Dr. Stoyan Sarg

Electrical Engineer and Physicist

Bob de Hilster

Retired electrical engineer
Solved wave / particle duality

George Staniforth Coyne

Author of "Notfinity Process: Matter-In-Motion 2nd edition: (2021) and "Notfinity Process: Microcosms-in-Motion (2017)
Specialist on the brain and consciousness and arguments against the big bang

Stephen Crothers

Independent researcher in theoretical astrophysics
Taking Black Holes mathematics head on and has paid the price

David de Hilster

Supercomputers & Human Language
Working on a 100% Newtonian model of the entire universe with his dad

Stephen Hurrell

Mechanical Engineer
Dinosaurs were so huge because the earth was half the size and grivity was much less

Neal Adams

Comic book artist
A world-famous comic book artist with his own theory of the universe

Ken Moore

Computer Systems Engineer
Working with the effects of velocity and escape velocity on network performance metrics.

James Carter

Was featured in the book Physics on the Fringe

Engr. Musa D. Abdullahi