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Dr. James Maxlow
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Mind Blown All the continents fit together on a smaller globe like a jigsaw puzzle
Profession Retired geologist
Interest Expansion Tectonics
Education Doctorate of Philosophy from Curtin University of Technology, Perth, Western Australia
Nationality Australian
Born Middlesbrough, England
Resides Glen Forrest, Western Australia, Australia
Goal Make expansion tectonics mainstream
Favorite Scientist(s) Samuel Warren Carey
Aha Moment Realizing that the south pole plots fit perfectly onto an expanding earth
Current Work Teaching the science of Expansion Tectonics

Dr. James Maxlow may be the most famous geologist you have never met. Inside this quiet, unassuming man lies a passion for something he knows is true, that will change all of science: the earth is expanding. And it is not only expanding, but expanding at an exponential rate. And if that is not enough, it is also gaining mass – and not from meteorites but at the subatomic level. That is a lot to take in for anyone – even this unassuming geologist.

Everyone knows about how South American and Africa fit together on a globe, but it is also true that continents fit together all around the globe and fit almost perfectly on a smaller globe.

Beyond Plate Tectonics

David de Hilster did a review of the latest book by Dr. James Maxlow which you can see below. In it, de Hilster claims that this is the most important book in geology in history. Here is a link to the book online although currently it is still not available in the United States.

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