Problems in Mainstream Science

Plate Tectonics
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Mind Blown The earth is not only expanding, but it is ganing in mass meaning gravity has increased slowly over the millions of years

Plate tectonics in mainstream science has been disputed for over 100 year with the a growing number of scientists and geologists embracing alternative models. But of course, you don’t hear this on mainstream science media channels and websites.

Critical Thinkers around the world are embracing what Dr. James Maxlow class “expansion tectonics”. The major difference is involves the radius of the earth over billions of years. Plate tectonics states that the earth has had the same radius for billions of years while expansionists say the radius has been expanding.

by Stephen Hurrell
Those of us who have studied ancient gravity in detail generally agree the evidence indicates gravity was much less in the geological past. I even think we can roughly calculate that ancient gravity was about half of today’s gravity 200 million years ago, slowly increasing over hundreds of millions of years to reach its present day level. >>>think critically...
by David de Hilster
Did you ever wonder why animals and plants were so huge millions of years ago? It seems that our fascination with the world of the dinosaurs and their sizes is so fascinating, that we forget to ask the "biggest" question. >>>think critically...
by David de Hilster
This video could change everything you think about modern science and physics. It's implications are huge and watching them over and over to see how all the continents fit together is addictive! >>>think critically...

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