Author Eric Reiter

New Theory or Model

Threshold Model
Mind Blown A theory refuting quantum mechanics
Type Quantum

The Threshold Model comes out of the work by scientist and experimentalist Eric Reiter who has worked extensively with light in the area of quantum mechanics. Over the last couple of decades, he has come to the conclusion that mainstream science’s understanding of what they call quantum mechanics and what is happening with waves and particles is wrong. This comes with a lot of hard work and a lot of studying the history of our understanding of the quantum world. And what has come out of it is what Reiter terms the “Threshold Model”.

Once more, as a true experimentalist, Reiter documents his own “progression” with his own ideas and theories showing the evolution of this own work and thoughts – all based on real experimentation and measurements. This theory was different in 2005 when compared to his “Threshold Model” of today.

This has put Eric at the forefront of challenging quantum mechanics as it is known today. In his online book “The Unquantum Effect“, Reiter states upfront on the cover that “This is the serious challenge to quantum mechanics” and is a “Resolution of the Wave-Particle Duality” (the idea that light is a particle and a wave).

Threshold Explained

Tests run by Reiter show that quantum and unquantum effects happen simultaneously in experiments where a beam of light is split in two

The technical one-page explanation by Reiter on the Threshold Model is listed below.