Author Neal Adams

New Theory or Model

Prime Matter Particles
Premise Pair production creates matter inside celestial bodies
Mind Blown World-famous comic cartoonist with his own theory of the universe
Type Particle

This is the important part of the growing Earth/Growing universe theory. The “standard model” says…” 4 particles (at this stage), make the whole (matter) universe.

  1. The Electron
  2. The Electron-neutrino
  3. The Up Quark
  4. The Down Quark

This new model says, there is only one Particle, the Prime Matter particle.

  1. The Prime Matter (the “Ocean” that is our universe.) Which is 1 whole particle (the other two are thrust from this.)
  2. The Electron. 1/2 particle
  3. The Positron. 1/2 particle