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Dark Matter
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Mind Blown Dark matter is not needed according to critical thinkers outside the mainstream

Dark matter or Dark energy according to mainstream science, are fact, even though they have never detected it. They predict it should be there, they use this “fact”, and they build upon that “fact”.

But the real story behind dark matter is like many of the problems in mainstream science is its origin. Dark matter was postulated because the speed of stars at the edge of the galaxy move faster than what Kepler or Newton predicts.

Critical thinkers however can describe the stars velocities in the galaxy without having to resort to dark matter or dark energy, thus eliminating it all together.

by Harry Ricker
The search for the elusive dark matter is famous. Here I will discuss the discovery of a different kind of dark matter in interstellar space, which I call cobwebs of space. This dark matter is just as elusive as the more famous, but probably fictitious, dark matter. The appearance of this dark matter, which forms dark filaments in space is referred to herein as interstellar dust filaments. This is because they are like the dark clouds that populate interstellar space, but they are long and narrow and crisscross throughout space forming the appearance of a dark cobweb that overlies all of the space through which we view distant celestial objects. >>>think critically...
by David de Hilster
In the last few years, we have begun to see genuine cracks in mainstream science being openly published in mainstream media. Before, all we had to go on were immensely crazy articles about even more absurd concepts that left most of the critical thinkers and engineers shaking their heads and saying, “wake me up when you find something real”. Recently, two articles came out in mainstream media - one in the New York Times, and one in Scientific American - that illustrate the two types of articles we critical thinkers see as strong indications that Big Physics and Cosmology are in need of a major overhaul. >>>think critically...
by David de Hilster
The shape of a second galaxy without dark matter clearly illustrates something many dissidents have suspected, but few understand: why dark matter is not needed. It has to do with something that mainstream and most dissident scientists have not taken into account: the geometry of gravitational fields. >>>think critically...
by David de Hilster
Dark matter is predicted because mainstream science treats galaxies a point masses >>>think critically...

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