Scientist Profile

Ron Hatch
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Mind Blown 30+ patents in GPS and says GPS reveals problems in special relativity
Profession GPS Scientist
Interest Special Relativity
Education B.S. in math and physics from Seattle Pacific University
Nationality USA
Born Oklahoma, USA
Resides Willmington, California
Goal Come up with new models for light
Favorite Scientist(s) Lorentz
Current Work Working on new models for light

So you hear almost every day how GPS is a practical example of the use of Einstein’s relativity. It must be true, right? Wrong. Just ask Ron Hatch. Ron, a critical thinker, holds of over 30 patents in GPS and one of the most decorated GPS scientists on the planet and he says that GPS doesn’t support relativity, but actually shows flaws in the theory.

Why don’t we hear about this all over the news? Because no one, not even those in the billion-dollar GPS industry wants to reveal to the world that humankind’s most beloved science genius, may in fact be, dare we say it: MAY BE WRONG… (poor old Albert)

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Here are some places you can find Ron’s work on GPS and relativity: