Scientist Profile

Ionel Dinu
Social Media:
Mind Blown His underwater experiments reveal the physicality of magnet fields
Profession Physics Teacher
Interest Aether
Education Graduated Faculty of Physics, Tohoku University Japan, Master Degree, Graduated Faculty of Physics, University of Bucharest - Dept. of Theoretical Physics; B.Sc. degree
Nationality Romanian
Born Romania
Resides Focsani, Vrancea, Romania
Goal Fully develop his aether theory for light, magnetic fields
Favorite Scientist(s) Ampere
Aha Moment That flows of fluid in opposite and like directions cause attraction and repulsion
Current Work Working on his aether theory

Underwater Experiments

How could playing in a children’s pool reveal one of the greatest secrets of the universe? Just ask physicist Ionel Dinu from Romania. Better yet, take a look for yourself:

Ionel Dinu found out that rotating fluids in opposite directions attract, and rotating fluids in the same direction repell. This “Dinu Effect” (coined by David de Hilster) inspired new theories including the Particle Model by de Hilster and de Hilster, as well as Ionel Dinu’s own aether model.

You can check out other amazing videos from his underwater experiments on his YouTube channel:

In His Own Words

Along with teaching physics, I am involved in the study and research of the AETHER – the substance that makes possible the propagation of light and the interactions at-a-distance: magnetism, electricity, gravitation.

It can be said that I belong to the 19th century physics school of plenum, seeking a MECHANICAL explanation of these interactions. I believe that all physical phenomena should be considered unexplained until they are mechanically accounted for.

Like all the physicists of the 19th century, I came to believe that the aether exists. My conception of the aether is that of a compressible inviscid LIQUID filling all the space unoccupied by matter, including the inter-atomic spaces, making the equations of FLUID MECHANICS fundamental for the understanding of physical phenomena. For example, inertia is a hydrodynamical effect in the aether and Newton’s 2nd law of dynamics giving the equation for the force accelerating an object (F=ma) can be explained phenomenologically through the dynamical resistance (not friction) exerted by the frictionless liquid aether on objects accelerating through it.

My fluid mechanical experiments prove that attractions and repulsions occurring at-a-distance across space are transmitted through the liquid intervening between the objects in motion in that liquid.

The liquid aether forces us to accept that LIGHT is a LONGITUDINAL WAVE of compression in the aether and thus the polarization of light should be explained within this framework and not as a transverse wave. Such a breakthrough in physical optics is possible through introducing the idea of dynamical fragmentation of a wave’s wavefront. See the article “On an Experimentum Crucis for Optics” for proof that sound in air -a longitudinal wave- behaves like a partially polarized wave when reflected and thus it is similar to light polarized by reflection on glass. The experiment shows that explaining polarization phenomena by transverse waves is untenable.