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Dr. Cynthia Whitney
Mind Blown Female with PHD from MIT in Physics and Relativity who is now a critic of relativity
Profession Physicist, Editor of Galilean Electrodynamics
Interest Gallelean Electrodynamics
Education Ph.D. Mathematical Physics and Relativity from MIT
Nationality USA
Born Massachucetts
Resides Arlington, MA, USA
Goal To continue publishing Galilean Electrodynamics
Favorite Scientist(s) Maxwell
Aha Moment When I tried to apply relativity to a gyroscope ring and it failed
Current Work Editor of Galilean Electrodynamics

Ok, so you are a woman in the 1960s and just got your PHD from MIT in relativity, and you are ready to apply your work to your first practical application: a ring gyroscope. Only one big problem: relativity fails miserably at what is known as the Sagnac Effect. Read her “eureka” story here.

Dr. Whitney kept going forward challenging Einstein and others until she became the editor of her own physics journal – Galilean Electrodynamics.

Today, she is chief scientist for the premier scientific group of critical thinkers in then world: the John Chappell Natural Philosophy Society. She shows that there are some truly great female scientists out there that are brave enough to challenge the status quo in physics.

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by Cynthia Whitney
Now the fact is this: The Sagnac effect is fatal to SRT as presently practiced. Draper people already knew that, and I soon knew it too. And that is how I became a Dissident Physicist. >>>think critically...