Scientist Profile

Dr. Charles William Lucas
Mind Blown Unified the four forces in nature
Profession Physicist
Interest Universal force equations
Education PHD in Intermediate Energy Physics, The College of William and Mary
Nationality USA
Resides Mechanicsville, MD, United States
Goal Unify the four forces in nature
Favorite Scientist(s) David Bergman
Current Work Working on writing his books

Imagine being groomed by the US government to be one of the top physicists in the country. Then imagine getting up and presenting a critical paper on Einstein’s relativity and immediately being dropped even though they tell you “you may be right, but you just don’t do that”. That is where a young Bill Lucas found himself in the early 1970s. Believe it or not, that was lucky. This lead now Dr. Lucas to come up with a universal force equation.

Don’t be shy: you too can learn the math needed to understand Dr. Lucas’ universal force equations!

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