Author Stoyan Sarg

New Theory or Model

Super Gravitation Unified Theory
Mind Blown Hellical Structures that make up the universe
Type Structure

Our vision about the micro-cosmos and Universe might be distorted if the currently adopted concept about the physical vacuum is not correct. The thesis “Basic Structures of Matter – Supergravitation Unified Theory” (BSM-SG) presents a theory based on alternative concept about the space that has not been envisioned and explored in history of physics. The suggested concept is ether-like but quite different from the previous ether models. It is based on a unique Cosmic Lattice structure that exists everywhere in the visible Universe and is governed by unique Supergravitational law, which is beyond the Newton’s gravity.

The new concept provides a reference point for a classical analysis in a real 3D space and unidirectional time with a separation of space from time parameters. This gives an opportunity for analysis of quantum and relativistic phenomena while observing the principle of causality. The revealed ether-like structure of the physical vacuum reveals the direct relation between space, time, matter, energy and gravitation. It provides the missing relation between different fields of physics, like the Newtonian mechanics, quantum mechanics and relativity.

The speed of light is defined by the vibrational property of the Cosmic Lattice. The analysis of the accumulated experimental data permits revealing the underlined structure of elementary particle and atomic nuclei. The analysis of atomic data with the BSM-SG models reveals an existence of space microcurvature around the atomic nucleus that is not taken into account in Quantum Mechanical models.

For this reason quantum mechanical models work only with energy levels, while any attempt to work with dimension of length leads to absurd. In this sense, the quantum mechanical models are only mathematical, but not real physical. The BSM-SG atomic models are real physical models with defined dimensions. This provides a new opportunity for graphical analysis in sub-nanometric scale. I have been invited speaker in many conferences on nanotechnology. The BSM-SG models also shed a light on the nuclear energy. The Cosmic Lattice caries two kinds of hidden energy.

The strong one is the hidden energy of the interconnected Cosmic Lattice nodes and it is associated with the atomic mass. The weak one is of vibrational type and it is behind the EM field and speed of light. The energy from a nuclear reaction estimated by the Einstein equation

    \[ E = mc^2$ \]

is known as mass deficit. However, the ether-like BSM-SG models show that it is a result of change of the space microcurvature that affects the mass.  BSM-SG atomic models also show that energy from cold fusion is possible and even without a radioactive waste if proper isotopes are used. I had a number of conference talks about this issue.

From the BSM-SG point of view mass is not equivalent to matter. It is a physical parameter depending on the parameters of the Cosmic Lattice. Therefore, the Einstein equation could not be used for creation of matter from pure energy or annihilation of matter. This automatically provides a different view about the Universe and cosmology that currently is plagued by unsolved problems. There is not a beginning of the Universe from a point. The Universe is stationary and the assumption of its age based on a wrong space concept is a pure absurd.

The galactic red shift is not of Doppler but of cosmological origin. The galaxies have own cycles with average time of 15 – 20 billion years. The Cosmic Lattices of different galaxies is slightly different. This causes a slight change of the wavelength of the propagated light between galaxies that is wrongly considered as a Doppler shift.